The name of Penga has a leading position and a continuous presence in the commercial market of Thessaloniki and Greece. In the recent years the company has specialized at the import of oriental handmade carpets and kilims and today it prouds itself of its distinguished products.

This year the firm celebrates 50 years in the Greek market and society
  50 YEARS
a "Living Company"
1960 - 1970: Wholesale trade of tubing, iron materials, clocks, plastic floor-coverings, wall-to-wall carpeting and wallpaper (providers such as DLW, KROMENIE, FORBO, NOVILLON, EUROFLOOR, NAIRN e.t.c.).
1972: Acquisition of land in Thermi - Thessaloniki.
1974: Founding of Christos Pengas & Co., with head-offices located at 44, Ermou str. The company eventually specializes at wholesale and retail trading of plastic floor-coverings, wall-to-wall carpeting and wallpapers.
1977: Head-offices at 6, Stef. Tatti str. Warehouse at Ag. Paraskevis str.
1978: Head-offices at 9, Prasakaki str.
1980: Building of the Warehouse in Thermi - Thessaloniki.
1983 - 1984: Head-offices at family owned premises at 13, Frangon str. Wholesale trading of Belgian machine-made carpets (providers such as TELSIRAM). Dora Penga becomes active in the business and starts a personal company, selling hand-made oriental carpets under the distinctive title "Tabriz".
1990: Opening of Galerie Dora Penga at family owned premises at 19, Prox. Koromila str. Retail selling exclusively handmade carpets.
1993: Active participation of Spiros Pengas in the family business. Opening of Galerie Penga at 279, Vas. Olgas str. Wholesale and retail trading exclusively of handmade oriental carpets.
1994: Opening of the branch-store in Athens at 7, Pindarou str. - Kolonaki.
1997 - 2000: More intensive cooperation with the East (Pengas & Hadi).Re-modeling works at the Central Warehouse in Thermi - Thessaloniki.Beginning of operation for the e-shop ( ).
1999: Change of the firm's name into Spiros Pengas & Co.Founding of the Club of Friends of the Oriental Carpet.
2000: Incorporation of the company G. Hatzopoulos Ltd. (Orient Carpet). Operation of the Central Warehouse in Thermi as a retail Outlet
2001 - 2005: Opening of the branch-store in Mykonos.Exclusive import of wall-to-wall carpeting and other floor-coverings of high quality and decorative cattle hides and other floor-coverings of high quality at the Outlet Penga in Thermi.

Exclusive co-operations with German and Spanish firms for floor-covering products (moquettes, skins, seasal with borders)

2003: Founding of the non-profit civic company "Eastern Paths".
2005: Operation of the first "Guerilla Store" of handmade carpets in Greece. November-December 2005 at the new grand shopping center of Thessaloniki, Meditteranean Cosmos
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