Galerie Dora Penga is a traditional family-owned company with a serious, yet pioneering planning strategy. The people of the company believe that the symbolic value of goods is equal, if not higher to the material one. Thus, the handmade carpets are perceived as products of civilization, works of art, results of fine techniques, sensual luxury or sign of social reference.

A handmade carpet expresses our personal elegance.

A nomadic 'jajim' enhances our traveling nature, our get away spirit and desire for adventure.

A rare woven textile illustrates our cosmopolitan spirit.
The Galerie Dora Penga people travel throughout the Orient and discover aesthetic treasures. The sales are the last chapter in a constant movement and restlessness. It's the point where they hand the rod over to the client so that he, buying the product, can begin his own trip to the place of adventure, quest or real, oriental luxury.
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