Textile Museum, Washington 17 March-3 September 2006
Exhibition titled "Harpies, Mermaids and Tulips: Embroidery of the Greek islands and Epirus Region". It explores the characteristics of embroidered textiles from different Greek islands-what these textiles look like, how they were made, how they were incorporated into the lives of islanders and how they reflect those lives. Correspondingly, it tells an interesting story of the ways that cultural and political history and design are intertwined. Visitors will enrich their understanding of Greek textile makers, the brilliant choices they made in their work and how they masterfully combined the very different artistic traditions of Greece, Venice and the Ottoman world.

A very good choice for anyone that is going to be in Washington.

Monday-Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00
Sunday: 13:00 - 17:00

Benaki Museum
There is an Islamic Collection at the Benaki Museum. At the preserved classical building located at the area of Keramikou, 22 Ag.Assomaton and 12 Dipilou, is presented on of the richest collections of Islamic art in entire Europe. The visitors have the chance to admire more than 8000 samples of ceramic art, metal art, jewelry, weaving, wood sculpture, glass art and gun art that represent the development of Islamic art from its beginnings until early 19th century.

For more information visit the site: www.benaki.gr

"Sto para pente"
Galerie Dora Penga provides handmade carpets at the successful series of Mega channel "Sto para pente". The series is directed by George Kapoutzidis and the cast is composed by Smaragda Karidi, Elisavet Konstantinidou, George Kapoutzidis, Argiris Aggelou and Aggeliki Lambri. The production is from Studio ATA and is organized by Dimitris Tzitzikakis


Spiros Pengas is the exclusive representative for Greece, for GHEREH Magazine, which is the most complete publication on handmade carpets, publishing 4 issues yearly, in 3 languages, English, German and Italian. Within its pages one can find information on the history of handmade carpets, the people who create them and their cultural environment.
3 year subscription (12 issues) for 180 €.
For more information please call: 0310-286482
or http://www.ghereh.org

Spiros Pengas is now the official representative of Greece in the .C.O.C. Committee (International Conference on Oriental Carpets), being unanimously elected as a member, at its executive convention in Florence, in September 1999.
Thus, representing Greece, Spiros Pengas traveled to Bishkek, Kyrghistan, from August 31st to September 8th, for the I.C.O.C. Conference on Kyrghisian carpets, followed by visits to nomad encampments.

Spiros Pengas participated in the 10th Conference of the I.C.O.C., in Washington D.C. at the Hotel OMNI SHOREHAM, April 17 -21, 2003, the only Greek representative at the Committee. He attended the academic and specialized seminars and visited the International Exhibit of Carpets and Textiles, as well as exhibits at Museums and Galleries in Washington D.C.
At the end of the Conference, he participated in the meetings of the International Committee, where elections were held and Mr. Walter B. Denny was elected President.

The 11th Conference of ICOC is going to be in Konstantinoupolis the spring of 2007

On February 11, 2004 , Spiros Pengas gave a lecture titled: "The Ways of Nomads - a disappearing way of life" , at the American College of Thessaloniki (Compton Hall), for the members of the International Women's Organization of Greece, based in Thessaloniki . The large audience was thrilled with the informative details and comments, and watched with great interest the slides, depicting the nomadic paths, the nomads themselves, their livestock, and finally their rugs and textiles.
Galerie Dora Penga in its effort to serve the needs of its friends and customers, in the best way possible, has made available for rent for special occasions (ethnic parties, Moroccan nights, official welcoming) carpets from its exclusive collections. The ethnic parties, this year, at Myconos' and Chalkidiki's beaches impressed a lot of people.

Galerie Dora Penga continues to have exclusive representation and distribution for the Greek market, of the famous carpets by the American company "Tufenkian", which combine elements of Tibetan tradition with contemporary western designs. Old and classic Zen designs in modern combinations and colors, very suitable for the simple and stark modern decorative styles.

We are continuously showing broadly our interest and concerns about the Eastern countries suffering and getting known through wars, and we are sharing our experiences and knowledge of the Asian Civilization, with the greater public, beyond our customers and friends.
In this context, Dora Penga, took part in a forum organized by the 1st District of the Municipality of Thessaloniki in cooperation with the Organization of Thessalonians of the "Europe of Citizens", on November 28, 2003, at the Thessaloniki Center for History, titled: "Journey to Central Asia countries, known to us only through wars". Her lecture was about the countries of Middle and Near East, which she has known through their carpets. Other speakers at the forum, were Dr. Chrysoula Saatzoglou-Paliadelis, Prof. Of Classical Archaeology at the Aristotelian University, and Mr. Pantelis Savvidis, journalist.
Also, read Spiros Pengas' very interesting article at "EIKONES" magazine, of "Saturday's ETHNOS" initiated by the War against Iraq, (No. 65/ May 24, 2003: "War in Iraq, A Different Point of View").

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